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News reports, journal articles, essays, reviews and blog posts on topics of waste, work and survival in India, informality, recycling and circular economy.

India’s plastic waste crisis is too big, even for Modi  

Niharika Sharma

Why Turkey became Europe’s garbage dump


What a Waste 2.0 A Global Snapshot of Solid Waste Management to 2050

The World Bank

‘The pandemic as a portal’  

Arundhati Roy / 2020

Lockdown Diaries: Relief to the wastepickers in the times of the pandemic

Smart Cities and Banality of Power

Ayona Datta / 2019

India bans imports of waste plastic to tackle environmental crisis

Harry Cockburn / 2019

Things We Do - The Rural and the Urban: Women

Peoples Archive of Rural India / 2018

Waste pickers and their right to the city: Dispossession and displacement in nineteenth-century Paris and contemporary Montevideo

Lucía Fernandez / 

Inside the Controversial World of Slum Tourism

Christine Bednarz, National Geographic / 2018


Empowering the empowered? Slum tourism and the depoliticization of poverty

Melissa Nisbett / 2017​

China: the secret lives of urban waste pickers

Tang Damin / 2017

Waste-picker & informal waste collectors of India seek safety measures from Indian government to safeguard against COVID 19

Assessing Agbogbloshi 

e-scrap news

How The Dream Of ‘Clean India’ Ignores Ragpickers Who Work For Little Money And No Rights

Abhimanyu Kumar / 2016

Untouchable to indispensable: the Dalit women revolutionising waste in India

Carlin Carr / 2014

Women’s waste picker cooperative in New Delhi transforms recyclables into art

Infrastructure for waste pickers - Reclaim, Revalue, Reframe

Waste Picker integration Project, Melanie Samson, Durban South Africa


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