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Citizen Journalism


Amol Lalzare is a Filmmaker, community correspondent with Video Volunteers, and also an autorickshaw driver. Lalzare lives and works in Bombay and often collaborates with the residents at home in Sathenagar. Through his work, Lalzare highlights issues of healthcare, housing and sanitation giving voice to the plight of citizens living in similar bastis. Through his documentary practice Amol creates a dialogue on accountability for the negligence and marginalisation as a logic of governance in the city. 


At C13 Lab, Amol conducted workshops on citizen journalism with the young members of ACORN Foundation and is due to make a documentary on the effects of the COVID-19 lockdown on the recycling industry of the 13th Compound.

Arshi Saifi and Mehzabin Sheikh Film : Untitled
Run time: 4.45 minutes
Edited by Arshi Saifi, Mehzabin Sheikh and Amol Lalzare

Arshi and Mehzabin’s film explores the struggles of parents and children in Dharavi who have limited or no access to smartphones and internet connectivity in the times of the COVID-19 lockdown and online school. Arshi and Mehzabin provide a keen insight on the issues of employment of parents and the invariable effects on their children’s education during the lockdown.

Kirti Kamble Film Untitled
Run Time: 3.24mins
Edited by Kirti Kamble and Amol Lalzare


Kirti’s film brings forth the long standing issue of sanitation in Kamla Nagar, Dharavi and the struggles of the residents due to an open drain that runs underneath their homes. The film tells the stories of residents and sanitation workers to provide various perspectives on these issues.

Laxmi Kamble Film Untitled

Run Time: 3.24mins

Edited by Laxmi Kamble and Amol Lalzare

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